Paws On Pet Services


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Our team provides a safe, fun & healthy alternative to loving pet owners who commute, work long hours, travel or are unable to bring the family pet along on vacation.

You can rest assured that during each visit we will provide your pet with whatever they may need- fresh water, food, a nice belly rub, fun-filled exercise, friendly company & MORE!

Mid-day visits & exercise can dramatically improve any pets mental & physical health.

Pets that may especially benefit include those who;
*Are very energetic and love to play
*Crave exercise and fresh air
*Suffer from separation anxiety
*Are destructive or have accidents when left alone too long
*Love the company of FUN humans!

Our services include *Dog Walking *Puppy Training *Pet Sitting &*Pet Waste Removal. Custom programs make it right for your pet, affordable & worry-free for you!

Call us to discuss your PET needs... Our staff are Mature, Bondable and First Aid Certified.

24 Hour Opening

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